ClinGen Community ClinVar Call: Request for Topics
Beginning in January 2016, the ClinVar Community call on the 4th Friday of each month at 12pm ET will bring together members of ClinGen and any interested user of ClinVar to suggest and discuss topics about using or submitting to ClinVar.

We are currently gathering topics for the monthly call. If you have suggestions for topics please submit below.

Please email with any questions or to be added to the mailing list to receive call information and reminders.

Although not required, please consider providing your name and email address so that we may contact you if we have questions about your topic suggestion.

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Examples Types of Topic Suggestions: What tasks would you like to complete using ClinVar that are not currently enabled? What data would you like to see displayed that you do not currently see? What type of information do you find most important to display in ClinVar? What is your most common type of query that you would like to learn more about?
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