EpticMC Developer Applications

Welcome to the EpticMC Staff Applications! Here you will be able to apply for the rank of Developer; other forms will be dedicated to Moderator, Helper, Builder and Administrator applications. When applying you must understand all the responsibilities you must undertake as a staff member on EpticMC. It is prominent that you take this seriously as it is something we take very seriously here at EpticMC.

When applying for a position you must meet the following requirements:
You must have Discord (Voice chatting is not required)
You must have joined the server and played for a minimum of 5 hours.
You must have a full understanding of the server rules
Grammar and spelling are expected to be adequate.

Rules (If you fail to comply, your application will be denied.)
Copying somebody else's work is prohibited.
No slang words are to be used during the application.
No swearing should be used during the application.
Everything must be in English.
Asking somebody to view your application is restricted.

Quality not Quantity

Note: This is by far the hardest application form and the requirements are very high. This is because we are searching quality staff only WHICH ALSO GETS PAYED.

Email address *
First Name (Real life) *
Minecraft Username *
Previous Minecraft Usernames (If any)
Age *
Country *
Timezone *
Have you ever owned a server? *
What is your Discord? *
Why do you want to be a staff member on EpticMC? *
How active can you be on the server? *
Will you be active on the forums as well? *
Have you had any previous experience in any type of staffing? *
What programming languages do you know? *
How would you rate your Java Skills? *
Very bad at java
Excellent at Java
What kind of plugins do you develop? *
For what game versions do you mainly code plugins? *
How would you handle a corrupted YAML Config? *
How good are you with configuring common plugins like essentials, pex and worldguard? *
Not good at all
Very good
Do you know how to operate a bungee proxy? *
References (GitHub-, SpigotMC-, Bukkit Profile) *
Other platforms you develop for
What are your preferred IDE's? *
How well can you operate commandblocks and basic redstone mechanisms? *
Are you good with in-game commands (e.g. from common plugins) *
Are you able to operate Root/Dedicated Servers? If so, which ones? *
Which webserver are you comfortable with? *
Are you able to operate CMS like Xenforo, MyBB or Woltlab? *
How did you find EpticMC? *
Do you have any relationship with any of the staff members? *
What makes a good staff member? *
Your personal strenghts *
Your personal weaknesses *
Any other things you would like to include?
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