WH Small Event Alcohol Form
For events with 10 participants or less only. This form does not reserve a room or guarantee availability. In order to reserve a room as well, fill out the ROOM RESERVATION form.

Please check the Warehouse calendar to be sure the room you would like to use has not been reserved. (Please note: checking out an alcohol sign to be used in a room that has already been reserved by someone else is a violation of Warehouse policy and subject to fine.)

To complete the alcohol registration process, please fill out and sign the confirmation form at the front desk at the starting time of your event, and check out an alcohol registration sign. (Be sure it is for the correct room.) The sign is good for 4 hours from the time it is checked out, and must be displayed during the event and returned to the front desk when the 4 hour period is over. There is a fine of $25 per hour for late returns, so please be sure to return the sign on time. (If your 4 hour period ends after 11:30 PM you may return the sign by noon on the following day.)

The number of alcohol signs available per room is limited, so you may want to check with the front desk before going down (617-253-6588) to be sure a sign is available. You must have an alcohol registration sign to serve alcohol unless you have reserved a room and registered in advance through the Student Activities Office. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis; having a form does not guarantee that you will be able to serve alcohol.

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Remember the alcohol sign is good for 4 hours from the time it is checked out
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Remember alcohol is not allowed in the roof deck
By submitting this form, you must certify that you are over the age of 21 and have read and agreed to all policies regarding the serving of alcohol in public spaces at the Warehouse. Submitting this form does not guarantee the availability of alcohol registration signs - these are available on a first-come, first served basis only. *
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