2017 STEM Fair Judges Form
For for the judges of the W-K STEM Fair to use in the scoring of student projects and presentations.
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While Looking at the Board Section
Creativity (25 Points)
Are the materials presented imaginatively and are original?
Is the display attractively designed?
Is interesting information include in the display?
Does the data make sense?
Has the student shown inventiveness?
Scientific Thought Section
(30 Points)
Is the experiment designed to answer a question?
Is the topic or problem stated clearly and completely?
Have appropriate resources been cited?
Has a systematic plan of action been stated?
Is there an adequate solution or conclusion?
Does the student understand all the facts and/or theories?
While Talking to the Student(s) Section
Thoroughness (15 Points)
Does the project represent a sufficient amount of time?
Is the project complete?
Were all potential sources of information consulted?
Skill Section
(20 Points)
Does the project represent the student's own work?
Does the project represent quality workmanship?
How much outside assistance did the student need? More assistance less points!
How much supervision did the student require? More supervision less points!
Clarity Section
(10 Points)
Are titles and written descriptions legible and the data clearly presented?
Can the average person understand the project? Are drawing and diagrams neat and attractive? Is the written material well prepared?
Interview Section
(20 Points)
Does the student give eye contact?
Does the student know his/her project information?
Can the student explain his/her board and why he/she set the board up that way?
Does the student keep the conversation going?
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