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YEAR 7: June 2017 - May 2018
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Registration Guidelines
Crusader Cash is a Reward Program for registered and active Crusader Cash families to EARN and WIN rewards that are accrued and applied to their student's tuition for the following school year.

Please read guidelines below before you fill out and submit your registration form.


All registered Crusader Cash families are welcome to EARN Rewards in any of the EARN Rewards programs. All rewards EARNED are applied to your Student account at the end of May for June tuition statements.

In order to have any rewards you may Win throughout the year applied to your Student Account at year end Crusader Cash families are required:

1) To participate in at least ONE Earn Rewards program.

2) To volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, in Crusader Cash approved Volunteer Opportunities, from June 1, 2017 - May 31,
2018 and submit online volunteer time sheets. See the Volunteer Opportunity page for further details.

My family understands:
1) That all rewards earned and won are applied towards next year's tuition (school year 2018-2019). Rewards cannot be
withdrawn or transferred.

2) Rewards will not be applied toward next year's tuition unless the current year's tuition obligations are met.

3) Rewards cannot be used to pay past due balances.

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To verify whether you've registered successfully, you can also visit

For all the details you have submitted on this form, PLEASE print a copy of this registration form for your records.

Do you have an MCC Scrip account? Do you want a chance to WIN Crusader Cash Rewards for Earning SCRIP?
For any account that is earning SCRIP for your student account you need to submit a Crusader Cash SCRIP account form.
Each registered CC SCRIP form submitted is entered into the year end drawing to WIN rewards for buying SCRIP.
The Crusader Cash SCRIP form can be found on our website or at

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