Sewa Houston Harvey Relief - Volunteer and Homeowner Intake Form
As we all know, Houston is and will be experiencing its worst floods in the days to come. We urge good samaritans to come out and volunteer for relief work post Tropical storm Harvey leaves our city. We encourage all able people to come out and help to the best of their abilities as a volunteer. Please fill the form that follows, for helping our community recover from this unfortunate event.
For further information and assistance please contact:
Contact Information:
- Achalesh Amar : (713) 357-8216
- Gitesh Desai : (281) 300-7346
- Anuja Deshpande : (281) 546-8202
- Arun Dev Kumar : (713) 574-0962
- Vivek Sharda : (713) 367-4463
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