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Program Start Date: 12th of August 2024
Program End Date: 18th of October 2024
In this program, you will:
🌹Have an unwavering self-concept and self-love so you can manifest beyond your wildest imagination

🌹Heal your deep seated trauma, and step into your most fearless & authentic self!

🌹Create lifelong results with manifesting so you can maintain your desire without losing it

🌹Develop an internal balance that allows you to stay on track to attract what you want on autopilot effortlessly

Quantum Your Dreams
QUANTUM EMBODIMENT Method: 5 Step Process

10x90 Minute Calls (1-1 Coaching)
10 Weeks of 1-1 Telegram support
Quantum Embodiment Workbook

LIFELONG access to Quantum Your Dreams platform: Exclusive trainings, manifestation guides, guided meditations, practices, and more.

Accelerate Your Manifestations Bundle
Custom Meditation

Quantum Your Dreams Alumni: Past QYD members can rejoin at 50% off the total price
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Tell me about your confidence story: What areas of your life do you feel confident and what areas do you struggle with your confidence? [Please be detailed]. *
How would you describe your overall mental health?

Please note that coaching is NOT a replacement to therapy, and according to the contract you can only work with me if you have a therapist in the case that you require one.
What are you struggling to manifest & why? *
What is your current money story? *
What is the internal struggle that is keeping you from stepping into the state of abundance? *
Are you fulfilled in your current career? Why/Why Not? *
In what ways are you looking to expand your career? *
What patterns are you seeing in your overall relationships? (Family, friendships, and romance). *
What do you want to change the most in your relationships? *
Do you understand the basics of manifesting and the law of assumption/attraction? *
Which areas of your life would you like improve/work on? *
Are you ready to take responsibility for: a) Your feelings & thoughts b) Your circumstances & your progress *
If you're manifesting a person, please note that I do NOT help anyone manifest an abusive person or someone they have an abusive history with. Do you agree with this term? *
Do you understand that results cannot be guaranteed?  (You are your own guarantee) *
Are you open to getting out of your comfort zone & the victim mindset? *
Do you understand that the program is NOT intended for instant results, but for long-term growth & a change in self-concept? *
The focus will be mainly on you & your self-concept. The desires are secondary, and we will discuss them during the call but we will keep bringing it back to your state & self-concept, rather than trying to change the 3D, as that is what manifests. Do you agree? *
Whether or not it seems scary, are you willing to face your fears & dig deep together in the sessions? *
Being busy is an excuse once you choose to uplevel your entire life. Do you agree to apply and accommodate your schedule accordingly? *
The mastermind is fully NON-REFUNDABLE & a contract is included. Do you agree? *
As per the contract, all payments are required to be paid on time even if you choose NOT to continue the program or quit in advance. Do you agree to this term? *
Quantum Your Dreams is £7000 GBP.

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