Participate in a Google+ usability study!

I’m contacting you with a short survey to verify your eligibility for an upcoming usability study with Google. This study is an opportunity to provide feedback on something that's currently in development. This study will help the Google team better understand your needs in order to incorporate them into future product enhancements.

We’re currently scheduling participants for several studies that will take place in either August or September.  Most studies will be out of our offices in the San Francisco bay area, but there are also opportunities to complete surveys and remote studies.  If you’re interested in participating, please complete the questionnaire below.

*If you are selected, we’ll contact you directly to discuss details and set your appointment time.*

To participate you will need to:
   -Be at least 18 years old
   -Accept the terms of our Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement
   -Allow us to video or audio record the onsite session (if applicable)

The duration of an onsite study session is 1 hour.  You'll receive a $75 American Express Gift Check as a token of our appreciation.

The duration of surveys will be approximately 15 minutes or less. You will not be compensated directly for your time, but a random sample of respondents will be eligible to win Google goodies.

**Please note that you won’t be compensated for responding to this questionnaire; you’ll receive a gratuity only if you actually attend a study session with Google.**

Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions about our usability studies, please visit

The personal information you provide to us in this questionnaire will only be used for purposes of Google user research. For details on how Google treats your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy at
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