Facilitated Workshop Application: Data for Action
The Data for Action team thanks you for your interest in our facilitated online workshop for civil society organisations (CSOs) enthusiastic about learning how quality data can improve their organisation's work. Through this application, we hope to build an understanding of your organisation's work, as successful applicants will be applying workshop content directly to their proposed activities. This Data for Action online workshop is targeted towards individuals and organisations with limited or no experience with data.

The workshop requires a commitment of approximately four hours a day over a two week period from three to six full-time staff members. All participating staff members will meet daily with our Data for Action Capacity Development Facilitator. To ease communication, participants should be in the same location. Ideally, participants will be actively involved in one or more of the following within their organisation: monitoring, evaluation and learning, planning, campaigning & advocacy, project management and/or implementation.

Applicants must be CIVICUS member organisations. CIVICUS membership is free and connects you with more than 3,600 CSOs around the globe! Learn more about membership here: http://www.civicus.org/index.php/get-involved/become-a-member. Organisations based in the Global South, as well as those working with marginalised groups, will also be given special consideration. Currently, our programme is accepting applications for January - March 2018. For the next round, we will work with CSOs located between GMT+3 and GMT +7 time zones.

All workshop materials and meetings are currently conducted in English; we hope to be able to offer this workshop for non-English speaking CSOs in the future. A reliable internet connection is required. In limited cases, it is possible to modularise our content to suit partners specific learning goals. Please make note of your interest in modularisation within your application if you'd like to discuss this potential further.

Workshop Summary: Survey Methods for Informing Activism

Data for Action’s two-week facilitated online workshop is an innovative new programme to improve your organisation’s data skills. Using a unique mix of online and facilitated content, this workshop will deliver practical data skills to action-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) including how to design a survey, how to conduct essential data analyses and how data can be used to drive significant positive change through informing evidence-based programming.

Centred around your organisation’s specific activism focus, Data for Action customizes workshop content to suit the needs of each of its partner CSOs. This is achieved through the design and administration of a survey that is used to directly shape your CSO’s programmatic and/or activism efforts.

Visit: dataforaction.civicus.org or email Ryan at ryan.winch@civicus.org
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Thank you for submitting your application for our Survey Methods workshop! You should receive information from us within two weeks of submitting your application. Please include anything else you'd like us to know in the space below.
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