Assisted Publishing With F+W Media International: New Title Submission
This form is to be used for submitting a new title to the F+W Media International assisted publishing model. Please read through all of the questions and prepare your ahead of time with the information you need to complete the form. The form cannot be saved and returned to at a later date.
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If your book has a sub-title, please enter it here. If it does not, leave blank.
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Please provide your 13 digit ISBN
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Please provide the imprint name you used when purchasing the ISBN.
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Trim Size (size of your book) *
Your book much match one of our approved trim sizes. If it does not currently match, but you intend to resize your artwork, please select the size that you wish to choose which would normally be the closest the current size of your book.
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Please enter your price in GBP. The minimum price we can accept is £9.99
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Choose which Assisted Publishing services you wish to be included in.
Main Description *
This is the main description of your book. It is the description that will appear on the product pages for online retailers such as Amazon. While this does not have a limit, best practice would be to write up to 600 characters.
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Short Description
The short description is most likely an edited version of the long description. While it is not compulsory, in some instances it is the only description of the book that customers or retail buyers will see. The short description should be no more than 350 characters.
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Table of Contents
Please enter your table of contents, with a comma separating each item. Adding your contents creates a more enhanced listing for customers and retail buyers to see.
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Unique Selling Points for Sales People
Informing us as to what makes your book unique is an important part of helping the sales team present your book. Our preference is for you to provide 3 succinct bullet points.
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Your Biography
Please provide a short paragraph biography about yourself. While this item is not mandatory, it can be helpful additional information for customers and booksellers.
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Rights Available for the book *
Please tell us the rights you have available for the book. You should consider in this the rights for the content and any photography, imagery or illustrations you have used.
BIC / Thema Code *
The BIC and Thema Code is used by the industry to classify your book in the appropriate category. Please choose the code that is the closest match to the content of your book.
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