IEATA 2020 Ottawa University
Session Proposal
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In addition to a session proposal, this form serves as an application for continuing education (CE) approval. To be eligible for CE consideration a session is required to offer no less than one hour of contact time. Contact time is actual content delivery and excludes planned breaks, meal breaks, or travel time.

Submissions are required to include a curriculum vitaes/resume for each presenter. The resume/vita should include the Presenter’s education, relevant professional credential(s), and professional experience. Presenters should provide a listing of professional presentations related to session content. This helps our review team determine of expertise.

A Presenter shall have an earned master’s degree in a behavioral health field and demonstrated competence in session content. Individuals who do not meet this academic requirement may be considered when:
(1) The presenter is a regionally, nationally, or internationally recognized expert
(2) Other presenter(s) listed on the proposal meet the academic requirement.

Student Presenters should be matriculating students in a behavioral health related program attending a regionally accredited university OR comparable degree and accreditation if outside the United States.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2019
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