Geocaching and Augmented Reality (AR)
Thank you for your participation in this survey, we are looking forward to reading about your experience!

From June 6th to March 6th 2019 Geocaching HQ conducted an experiment that allowed the use of Augmented Reality (AR) apps to find the cache. Caches that were published during this experiment can still be found, let us know about your experience!

This survey will help us evaluate the experiment.

Overall, how would you rate your experience from reading the cache page to logging a find/DNF?
How likely are you to recommend AR_ caches to a friend?
Not likely at all
Extremely likely
Which AR_ geocache did you find? (GC code) *
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Were you able to open and play the AR experience anywhere, or only at the posted coordinates/waypoints? *
What did you like about your experience?
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What did you not like about your experience?
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How would you describe your experience to your geocaching friends?
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How interested are you to find more AR_ geocaches?
Search for "AR_" on to find more AR_ geocaches.
Not interested at all
Extremely interested
Which AR app did you use to find the cache? *
What else should we know?
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