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1. I have been camping before. *
I need a shower twice-a-day and do not want to sleep on uneven ground
I have planned a self-directed over-night trip
2. Outdoor Activities: Are you willing to hike in the cold rain, fall out of a kayak in the ocean, go snow shoeing in winter, and engage in active outdoor activities
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3. Interests: Please mark your top three (3) areas of interest *
3b. Interest comments: *
4. Physical Fitness: Do you engage in aerobic exercise and activity : moderate to elevated heart rates above 100-140 beats per minute *
5. What grade math will you have complete? (choose one circle)
I am behind in my current grade level MATH
I plan to study Math through Distributed Learning
I will not do math at SEEC and have a plan for catching up.
I am in grade 9
I am in grade 10
I am in grade 11
I am in grade 12
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5b. Math comments: (tell us about your experience with learning math) *
6. Self management: I am able to work independently with minimal to no supervision;  set goals for myself; and self-asses my own areas for improvement *
6b. Self management comments: *
7. Changing Environment: I am comfortable with changes in the daily plan with little notice, and I have the foresight to be prepared and am flexible in a dynamic environment. *
Need structure, instructions and reminders
Am capable of anticipating and adapting
7b. Ability to be flexible (your comments):
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