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Tell us about your 'shape of human' in the modern world. How do you identify or experience your self (gender identity, ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, class, ways of learning and communicating, anything else that makes you who you are)? *
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As a flavour of what has led you to this moment of inquiry, tell us something of your work, activism, studies (of any kind), ways you pray and play (or not), or any pivotal experiences you might want to share. *
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The Bonobo Gathering will invite your ideas and input, your intolerances, vulnerabilities and inconsistencies. Your many selves, including your shadow. The more fully you participate, the more you and others are likely to benefit from the gathering. Are you able to devote your full attention to this? Are you able to clock out from your everyday rhythm and automatic processes and make space to court and be courted? Tell us something about how this might look for you … *
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We will partake of personal interactions, group roleplay, creative expression, personal enquiry, challenges to habits, ideas, identities. There will quite possibly be differences of opinion or belief, mosquitos and queues for the toilet or other moments of difficulty and discomfort. Can you stay with this without needing to fix it, fight or flee? How will you continue to nurture yourself and offer nurturance to others? What supports you (emotionally and bodily) in entering difficult territory? Do you have ways and people to help you feel and process difficulties during and after that gathering? *
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*with thanks to the Emergence Network for inspiring this questionnaire and for it’s bones
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