URN Officer & Oculus Editor Application - Spring 2018
Opens 11:59pm, Sunday, February 4th. Due 11:59pm, Sunday, February 18th.
Feel free to email any additional questions to srl9tu@virginia.edu.

URN is a special status organization (under the Center for Undergraduate Excellence) with the aim of empowering and enriching the undergraduate research community at UVA. As you may have noticed, there isn't a cohesive "Research @ UVA" experience for undergrads here. We're building one. Come join the team!

While Network Members make up an interdisciplinary network of students across Grounds, URN Officers get the chance to actively develop programs that engage students and promote confluence across disciplines. They do this by working on one of our various committees or serving as an editor for the Oculus, our associated multidisciplinary research journal. This semester we also have some special positions that would put you right at the public face of a growing, agile organization.

Here are some of the committees and projects that we've been working on:

> The Oculus Editorial Staff: The Oculus is a multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal, publishing papers from all fields of study, from music theory to linguistics to theoretical physics. As an editor, you would be responsible for reading these research papers, choosing the best papers for publication, and designing an annual print publication. Questions? Contact uva.oculus@gmail.com for more information.

> Symposium Committee: The Symposium Committee seeks to promote and share undergraduate research projects with fellow students, faculty, and members of the Charlottesville community. Each spring, the Symposium committee is responsible for organizing the annual, multi-disciplinary URN research symposium. Committee members will contact potential participants and faculty judges, secure sponsorships, and select applicants.

> Outreach Committee: Interested in playing integral role in the success of URN's events and campaigns? Consider joining the outreach committee! As an outreach officer you will have the opportunity to control how you want to publicize a particular committee's event or resource. Outreach committee members serve as marketing "consultants" to the other committees, while also forming a cohesive identity as and reporting back to their own committee. We are looking for creative, self-motivated, and open minded individuals.

> Tech & Advising Committee: No Programming Experience Required. Tech and Advising Committee is a multifaceted group that is committed to helping students get involved with research. The two main roles of the committee are the expansion of the UNLEASH program (a new system aimed to help students become involved with research- uvaurn.org/unleash) and the design, construction, and maintenance of the URN website.

> Workshops & Networking Committee: The Workshops Committee designs and implements programs to equip students with skills and resources for the world of research. Ranging from career-planning workshops to practical guidance on writing grants and interactions with primary literature, we seek to improve the quality of presentation and involvement in scholarly inquiry at the University. Workshops also seeks to increase awareness for department organized lectures, workshops, and events through the publication of a weekly email newsletter.

> Research & Scholarship Committee: Research and Scholarship Week committee focuses on planning and executing a week of events each fall that highlight various aspects of research and scholarship currently occurring at the University. From “How to Get in Involved in Research” to research presentations to meet-and-greets to ice cream socials and beyond, the Research and Scholarship Week committee is dedicated to spreading awareness about how to join the network of students conducting research around Grounds and fostering collaboration. Aside from this main week, the Research and Scholarship Week committee plans small events throughout the year with a similar purpose. Past examples include “RED talks” (TED talk inspired research presentations), a dinner series, and fireside chats with professors.

> Graphic Designer (Special Position): As an organization that is going through some major changes, we're seeking to strengthen our marketing campaigns. If you're excited about Graphic Design, designing posters, logos, social media marketing materials, etc. could be a great way to build your portfolio and contribute to our mission on Grounds!

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