Customer Service Survey

The Department of Elections continuously strives to improve its services. Please tell us how we’re doing by completing this anonymous, voluntary survey, and help us provide the best possible services to current and future voters of San Francisco! 

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1. What service are you providing feedback on today?

2. How satisfied were you with the quality of service you received? (5=very satisfied, 4=somewhat satisfied, 3=neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 2=somewhat dissatisfied, 1=very dissatisfied) *
very dissatisfied
very satisfied
3. How likely are you to recommend this service to others? (5=very likely, 4=somewhat likely, 3=neither likely nor unlikely, 2=somewhat unlikely, 1=very unlikely) *
very unlikely
very likely

4. What could we improve on?

5. What are we doing well?

For each of the following questions, you may choose to provide an answer or to leave it blank.

6. In what San Francisco neighborhood do you live?

7. What is your racial or ethnic background?

8. Which language(s) do you speak at home?

9. With which gender identity do you most identify? 

10. Do you have a disability that affects voting?

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11. Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to share

12. If you would like the Department of Elections to follow up with you regarding your feedback, please provide your phone number or email address (this information will not be added to your voter file)

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