IAPC Raspberry Pi reservation form for B-TCS M5
Here you can reserve a Raspberry Pi and useful accessories for use in module 5, supplied by us, Stichting Inter-Actief Personal Computing (IAPC). Making a reservation is not mandatory but strongly recommended to give us insight in how much stock we need and be able to get everything in stock, and for you to be confident that you will get the items you want. Without a reservation, we make no guarantee of being able to supply what you need. We place our supplier orders on Tuesday evenings, when you make a reservation at the latest on Tuesdays before 17:00, we strive to have your reservation ready Wednesday the week after. If it takes longer or if we have everything in stock and you can pick up your reservation immediately, we will contact you.

Please take your time to ensure that what you select for your reservation is correct: you can contact us should you wish to change your reservation but this creates manual work for us that we'd rather avoid.

Should you need bigger quantities or items not listed in this form you can always come by our shop for them. You can always check our catalog (https://www.iapc.utwente.nl/assortiment) for other items, however you can't reserve them here.

Prices displayed on this form are indicative and may change slightly.
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