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Use this form to transfer your contact information to us securely. There is no payment option in this form. Please use the PayPal links on our CSA sign-up page or mail a paper check. Any questions, contact Eric or Rebecca Zuleger at 715-427-1002 or 715-905-0431. Thank you!
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Please send someone else if you cannot pick-up your share. Give the farm 24 hours notice if you are unable to have someone else get your vegetables to avoid waste.
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By becoming a member of We Grow LLC: I agree to share in the bounty as well as the limitations that weather conditions dictate. I agree to read the weekly information included in my share. I understand that if I can’t pick up my share (or arrange to have someone else pick up) during the designated times, my share for the week will be retained by the farm. If I can not finish the season, I may reassign my share to another household. I understand that we do not issue refunds or credits. The share season will be 18-20 weeks long. Your full name entered below serves as your digital signature.
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