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The AESS Early Career Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and promising future potential for research, policy, or activism in any field of environmental science and studies. Through this award, AESS honors individuals who are early in their careers, but have made significant contributions to knowledge, community and diversity in environmental studies and science, and have a career plan and trajectory that promise to continue and bolster such contributions, as indicated by the CV and the reference letter.
Eligibility Criteria

Nominee must:
be “early career,” which is defined as an individual who has been in his/her current field for less than seven years and pre-tenure or job equivalent (typically within 7 years of receiving Ph.D.). Post-doctoral fellows and practitioners are eligible for this award.
be an active AESS member.

Nominee might have:
made significant contributions to ESS theories, methods, pedagogical approaches, public awareness, policy change, and/or environmental education.
demonstrated dedication to service through service in environmental associations, the community, mentoring arrangements, and/or political boards/councils/task forces;
demonstrated the potential to address environmental challenges through trans-disciplinary approaches or collaborations, or by endeavoring to make his or her work accessible to scholars and practitioners from other disciplinary traditions;
demonstrated the potential to inspire and actively guide/mentor a generation of environmental scholars, practitioners, and/or policymakers to enact change.

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