Audio Computer Purchasing Habits
Please note: This survey is intended for people who purchase their own computers, or are otherwise in charge of purchasing.

After completing this survey, you will receive a coupon good for 10% off any Impact Soundworks purchase before July 21st, 2019.
Do you purchase PCs or Macs for your audio work? *
What is your professional status in audio? This includes any & all audio production, editing, voice over, music composition, production, recording, etc. work you do. *
On average, how often do you purchase a new computer? *
What is your typical budget for a new audio computer purchase? Do not include screens, monitors, audio interface, etc. *
Do you buy prebuilt computers? *
How important is a quiet audio computer to you? *
What form factor (physical size / case) do you prefer for your computer? *
Which of the following add-ons or services do you (or would you) find useful when purchasing an audio computer? *
Which of these other features are VERY IMPORTANT to you when purchasing / assembling an audio computer? *
Anything else you want to add about audio computers?
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