Afghan Circle of the Hudson Valley
Thank you for reaching out to us for information on our effort to welcome, resettle and integrate an Afghan refugee family into our community. Currently there are about 10,000 Afghans living in temporary shelter at Ft. Dix NJ and other Army Bases awaiting placement. The Bases must be cleared soon, so there is urgency. A group of local volunteers has formed the “Afghan Circle of the Hudson Valley” to assist in this vital effort.

Our circle will be responsible for the care and the housing of an Afghan refugee family for the initial 3-6 months of resettlement, or until the family is financially self- sustaining.  Ultimately, we are expecting to need at least $30,000 for the entire project. This money will be used for direct costs like rent, legal fees, healthcare, travel expenses, food, clothing, furniture & household goods, etc.

Besides direct donations from generous people like you, we have been offered a $5,000 start-up matching grant from a regional immigration organization, which will go towards our goal. Help us meet that match!

We ask that you fill out the Pledge Form below so that we know what kind of support we can expect from you in the near future. We will use this information to reach back out to you for your donation. We will NOT share your information with any other entity. We will soon have a PayPal Account and hope to be able to accept donations by direct deposit to our bank.

They can presently be sent by check made out to:

Checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 834
Stone Ridge, NY 12484

We thank you for caring about this issue and contributing to the support, comfort and welcome of Afghan refugees in need of resettlement. NOTE: Until the family arrives, we cannot yet accept furniture, clothing, food or other items, but we will reach back to you at that time should you be able to expand your support in those areas.

With gratitude,

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