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Thanks for submitting to The Loaf! We generally accept all submitted games/projects, but occasionally we may have concerns about the content of the game or may not have physical space for it.... in these cases we want to work with you to see if we can find a way to bring it to The Loaf, so please be sure to give an email you check regularly!

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By submitting this form you are asking to participate in the upcoming Loaf (latest event page can be found at

You will be asked to adhere to our safer spaces policy while you are on site. We will have the policy available at the time of the event. Please be aware that failure to follow this policy can mean removal from the event.

We ask that you recognize that The Loaf is run by volunteers and therefore cannot guarantee that your project will get viable user data. Furthermore, seating and table space at the event is first-come first-served, so please arrive at the location 30 minutes before the event begins to allow for setup. If you need to arrive earlier or later or you have specific equipment needs please send an email to and we will try to accommodate you, but we do not necessarily guarantee accommodations.

You are generally expected to bring your own equipment to play and show your game, however in the case that you are in need of  something we may be able to source equipment from our volunteer network. Please mention in your submission that you are in need of equipment and we will get in touch and try to assist.

We usually have limited TVs available in the space we host in. It will be up to you to arrive on time and work out with other presenters who will be using the TV.

We try to make room for all sorts of games, but simultaneously we want to make sure this event is acceptable for high school aged attendees. If your game has content that features nudity, sexual acts, pornographic elements, or is gratuitously violent/gory, we will want to discuss how we can accommodate your project in an acceptable fashion. Please also be aware that while we do want to make space for your work, we do reserve the right to veto any submission for any reason, content included.

-Cancellation date (48 hours)
If you need to cancel, please try to contact us at at minimum 48 hours before the event so we can notify folks who may have been denied due to space.
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