Cannabis and Autism & CPS (Child Protection Services)
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Are you aware in adult use/recreational states, a parent MUST still obtain a caregivers recommendation for their child on the spectrum? (under the age of 21 years old)
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Does the state you reside in list "autism" in their criteria for medical marijuana recommendations?
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Did your state provide any educational guidance? for example; what to do when child protective services is called,  how to address emergency rooms doctors in case of an adverse side effect...
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Do you fear at some point (CPS) child protective services will be called due to your choice to use cannabis for your child/persons on the autism spectrum even with a caregivers recommendation?
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What unlikely person(s) are most likely to call (CPS) child protective services on your family?
Have you been contacted by CPS for cannabis use for your child on the autism spectrum?
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If you answered "yes" to the above question, how has this CPS experience impacted continuing with cannabis therapies for your child on the spectrum?
Being a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, do you find it difficult navigating cannabis therapies with child negligence & child abuse laws that have not been amended to reflect marijuana legislative bills?
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Do you agree that CPS Social workers should have educational training for families who have chosen cannabis as a treatment option?
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What is your ethnicity?
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