RAMCon Staff Position Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to help with RAMCon! Ꮚ♡ꈊ♡Ꮚ

Please note that all positions are VOLUNTEER positions.

Staff positions will require the following:
・ Attendance of Staff Meetings when applicable
・Availability during the Weekend of the Event (July 10-11)
・18 years or older
・ Fluent Written and Verbal Skills in English
・Reliable Hardware (i.e. a decent mic/internet connection. Does NOT have to be professional grade, just workable)

Those who apply to be staff get the following perks as a thanks for their assistance in running the Con:
・ EXCLUSIVE Staff-Only Badge
・ Special Role in the server
・Credit on the Staff Page on the Website
・ Shoutout during Opening/Closing Ceremonies (we are also willing to plug your page during that time)

Thank you for your time and interest in applying! We're looking forward to hearing from you!
-The RAMCon Staff
What Position are you applying for? *
Are you over 18 years of age? *
Email Address (We will be contacting you through this) *
Discord Name (Name#1234) *
Preferred Pronouns: *
Twitter Link (i.e. https://www.twitter.com/name) *
Your TimeZone (For reference, RAMCon runs in EST) *
RAMCon V3 runs on July 10-11 which is a weekend. Will this be possible for you? (If Mod/Events/Games) *
We require all staff to have prior experience (besides design/social) in assisting in an Online event, an in-person event and/or admining a Discord server. Please list Events/servers you have taken care of in the past. If Servers, what were their size? *
Why do you want to join the staff at RAMCon? *
Do you have any thoughts, questions or concerns for the staff? (Post Portfolios if interested in Design positions)
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