MUSICIANS NEEDED FOR BETA TESTING is seeking Musicians with live streaming experience to beta test our new platform. Please fill out the fields below to be a considered candidate. If you are selected there will be a one-time $30 signing bonus and $60 for each 3-hour streaming session that you perform on Additionally, you will also be able to receive tokens that are tipped to you by the viewers of your stream which you will be able to redeem for money.

- All Candidates must be 16 years or older
- Candidates must be able to continuously stream for 3-hour shifts, 3 days a week minimum
- Strong internet connection:
- Upload Bandwidth: 10 mbps+
- Download Bandwidth: 20 mbps+

Preferred qualifications:
- Social media following
- Previous streaming experience
- OBS experience
- Live performance experience
- Strong internet connection:
- Upload Bandwidth: 20 mbps+
- Download Bandwidth: 50 mbps+
- System with i5 and above processor, 8gb+ ram, and webcam/camera with a streaming output capable of 1280x720 @ 30fps preferred.
- If streaming with a mobile device, Samsung Galaxy 7 or iPhone 6 and above preferred

We may still consider you if the above-preferred qualifications are not met. Please continue to complete the application process.
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Please briefly describe your streaming setup (Interface, Computer/Mobile device, DAW, and Webcam/Camera and output resolution): *
Please provide us with a network speed test from the following link: *
What instruments will you perform with? Will you sing? *
Do you have live-streaming experience? What platforms have you used: *
Which streaming applications are you familiar with, and how knowledgeable are you?
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