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The Little Silver PTO (LSPTO) is creating a database of community members who are willing to be a volunteer speaker on a specific topic in an area of expertise, career or life experience. Volunteers may only be called upon if the Little Silver School District's Director of Curriculum or classroom teacher has a specific need. Our goal is to enhance and support the curriculum of Little Silver students by connecting real life, 21st century experiences, experts and role models to the students’ classroom experience. Additionally, a volunteer may be contacted by an Executive Board member of the LSPTO or other Little Silver community non-profit organization (ie. Girl and Boy Scouts Troops).

Examples are: global cultures, politics, overseas or humanitarian projects, military experience, authors, arts & languages, technical field experts or careers in science, technology, medicine.

This database is private and will not be published. Please answer the questions as specifically as you can and direct any questions to Thank you for your participation.

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