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Our puppies are not for resale. You will not sell or give away the puppy. Do you agree to this term? *
Our puppies come with a lifetime return and always have a home with us. If your situation ever became that you cannot keep your puppy we require that he/she be returned back to us at your expense in the exact same manner and condition in which your puppy was received. Do you agree to this term? *
Do you understand each puppy is different, it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months for a puppy and their humans to settle into their new home & routine before personal expectations can reasonably be placed? *
We require that you agree to spay or neuter your puppy and provide confirmation of the completed procedure. Our puppies are strictly for companion purposes only and not for breeding or studding, either accidentally or on purpose (enforced). Additionally, if you have an un-neutered/spayed dog at home you will need to ensure he/she is spayed/neutered and provide proof of said recent spaying/neutering before bringing home your puppy. *
Have you fully reviewed our website? *
Do you know all the necessary details that are uniquely important to you such as availability, price, location etc? *
Our puppies come with a 5-year guarantee that can be upgraded to a lifetime of your dog guarantee. Have you viewed the details of our guarantees? (See "Purchase Details" page for full details) *
Are you choosing our Lifetime guarantee or our 5-year guarantee? (See "Purchase Details" page for full details) *
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Do you have any other pets? If yes please describe *
Have you ever re-home sold, bred, or gave away a puppy or dog in the past? If yes please explain *
Names and ages family members in your household, and a bit about everyone that will be a part of our puppies future family. *
Please tell us more about you and your family. *
Will you be a stress-free environment for our puppy? *
Is there anything else you would like us to share with us about you, your family or your preferences? *
What kind of personality best describes you or your family as a whole? *
When are you looking to bring your puppy home? *
Are you and your family willing and able to spend the time required to properly love, care for and train your puppy? *
Are you aware of the serious time and financial commitment required in adopting a puppy? *
Have you and your family prepared your life and home for a puppy? Please describe *
What are you looking for in your family member and companion? *
Are you applying for an available puppy or to be placed on a future waitlist? *
Is there a specific available puppy you're interested in? (see Available Puppies page) *
Do you have a preference in colour and coat type? (can be changed anytime) *
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Please tell us why you have chosen our puppies as the perfect new addition. *
Please list any vacation plans or otherwise, that may influence the picking up of your puppy when ready and require puppy sitting times to be reserved (see puppy sitting page for rates) *
Do you have any requirements not yet mentioned that need to be fulfilled before moving forward? *
Please do not apply for our puppies unless you are ready to proceed. Are you ready to commit to one of our puppies if approved? *
What is your level of seriousness at this time: *
Please choose one of the following options as covered on our "Purchase Details" page - We are on a waitlist basis, waiting for the right puppy will be required. *
For obvious reasons, we in no way predict, imply or guarantee any specific details on any puppy/litter not yet born such as timing, colour, sex, litter size etc. *
You are confirming via digital signature to, abide by our policies. Carry out the terms and conditions agreed to within this application, and guarantee that all info you have provided is accurate and truthful. If your application is accepted, you will be fully responsible for all matters of your puppy/dog while in your care for his/her lifetime. Upon acceptance, this application becomes an enforceable contract. *
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