Heatwave Deep Dive Workshops

Magic Glasses
Everyone wears magic glasses that inform the way we see everything. God is real or God is a myth, a nationalist perspective or globally minded, your parents’ views or the complete opposite, simple lives of self-denial or “YOLO!” and extreme indulgence; these are just a few. In this Deep Dive, we’ll explore, discover and discuss our own set of glasses—and recognize the power they have (for better or worse) to shape the course of our lives.

Is That Even a Thing?
Seems like yesterday we learned baby pandas could sneeze. But we’ve seen thousands of memes since then—bizarre, hilarious, amazing—and we ask if they are things because we don’t always know where they fit in our brains, or whether they are true or meaningful (or just funny). In this Deep Dive, we’ll look at how trends come and go, why the gospel stays, and what you can do when…No way, have you seen this?

“Me Too.”
Two of the most powerful words you can hear are ME TOO. I bet you feel good when you are going through hard times and someone says, "Me too" because they understand. In this Deep Dive we will meet four people in the bible who we can relate to and how they will become our "Me too".

No More Fear
Do you find yourself struggling with fear and anxiety? Do the things going on in the world around you cause you to be fearful? Do the stresses of your life cause you to worry? You are not alone. We are going to talk about fear and worry. We will explore in this Deep Dive why we worry and figure out ways to overcome it.

Tough Questions
As little kids, we constantly asked questions of anyone who would listen. We asked WHY about the simplest things and any answer seemed to satisfy us. As we get older the questions get tougher, more abstract, and more important, like is God real, is He good, what is love, and does God love me? But for how important these questions are, we also seem to stop asking them out loud. Let's ask the questions out loud and wrestle with them and other difficult questions in this Deep Dive.


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