Finding Franklin's Bumble Bee
Please take this quiz to be added to the Xerces Society's SCP to survey for Franklin's bumble bee in California. In order to be added to the SCP, you must score at least 45 points on this quiz.
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What training workshop did you attend? *
Will you be surveying as a volunteer, or as part of an agency/entity (if so, please enter the agency/entity in the other space)? *
A Scientific Collection Permit is required to survey for Franklin's Bumble Bee in California. *
10 points
In most conditions, bumble bees can stay in a plastic or glass jar outside of a cooler for: *
10 points
The best way to report my sighting of Franklin's Bumble Bee to CDFW is through: *
2 points
Bumble bees can safely stay in a cooler with ice for no more than ____ minutes: *
2 points
It is important to sterilize jars used to chill bumble bees after every survey (when heading to a new location). *
5 points
If you're not sure if you have a Franklin's bumble bee or not, the best thing to do is to take a specimen and mail it to CDFW or the Xerces Society. *
10 points
Chilled bumble bees should be placed in the sun to help them warm up. *
2 points
Best practice is to release bees within ___ __________ from where they were captured *
2 points
I understand that I should do whatever I can to avoid harming or killing Franklin's bumble bees. But, if this happens accidentally, I should still notify CDFW, the USFWS, and the Xerces Society. *
10 points
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