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Being in the startup ecosystem for 5+ years, I have had the good opportunity to maintain a one-on-one relationship with high growth startups(Seed and above funded).

One of the consistent requests I have got over all these years is to refer talent that I trust and believe in. Although I have been doing it successfully on a case to case basis, I believe there is much more that can be done here.

This is an effort to streamline the connects I make between talent and startups. The greatest joy I get in my life is by enabling and helping more and more people do extraordinary things. After having done the same for a few people, I feel it's the time to take this to the next level.

I will only be dealing with developers(Front-end, Full stack, Android, iOS, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) who are looking for a life-defining change or a majestic start to their professional career.

This is going to be a very personal effort, wherein every developer almost becomes a friend before being referred. The past results tell me that when I know a person in and out for their work and experience more often than not, I can help him/her get through to high flying companies.

You should think about applying if:

1. You have been working in the tech domain as a developer(1-5 years) and looking for a chance/change to work with a high growth startup in India(Mostly Tier 1 cities)

2. You are just a graduate and have developer skills, but don't know how you will get the best possible opportunity.

Please don't join the list/apply if you think of this as a referral agency. This is a highly personalized effort and I am looking at doing a maximum of four successful referrals in a month for the talented developers.

The application is a way to filter out people whom I believe I can't possibly help much.

How will it work?

1. Post the submission of your application, I will reach out personally to understand more about your work as well as why you are looking to make a change

2. Once we develop a camaraderie and an appreciation of how this can work out successfully, I will start putting you in touch with the founders of some of the fastest growing startups.

3. The startups will schedule their own process from there on and I won't have much to add; apart from may be helping you with tips and tricks on how to crack them

4. I will continue helping you present your skills better and refer you to more high growth companies until you actually find something worthwhile.


1. Will you charge money?

No, I won't. Straight and clear. There might be commercial involved on the startups side, but not for applicants.

2. Why are you doing this then?

For goodwill and to help/enable deserving people have the jobs they should. I get a lot of joy by making people win. Said this, there is a big gap between people who are talented and access to high growth startups

3. How long does the process take?

Going by how it has worked in the past, the time from me getting to know you to you finally getting started with a new job the time can vary from 15 days to 3 months, depending on what you have to show

4. What are the kind/nature of companies you are talking about?

Most startups above seed funded to Series B fall in the bracket of companies I can think of getting you through to. All of them will be funded and have a solid team behind the product. The location will mostly be in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and few other cities.

5. What is your track record like?

I have been doing different kind of connects over the last five years. Most recently, three talented freshers joined fastest growing companies from San Francisco and Bangalore at a pay that is extremely rare in India. I have also enabled multiple fundraises, acquisitions and job referrals. I will connect the successful applicants with these people if you would need more trust in the system and process.

6. Will it be kept confidential?

Yes. This will work on a highly personalised one-to-one basis. I am not looking at numbers(quantity) but quality of referrals. No one, apart from you and me, will know about it.

7. Who am I?

I have tried to build a venture on my own twice in the past. One of them was ShotPitch(a one touch pitching app for startups to investors), it was one of the most voted product ever from India on ProductHunt and we had investors from Silicon Valley and India. Second venture was an online platform to help companied hire non-tech talent through business challenges. Apart from that, I have also played an active role to build and nurture the Indian Startup ecosystem through voluntary involvement at Headstart Network Foundation, led products at Yourstory and growth at Udacity. Presently, I am leading Communications and Strategy for Springboard(not 91Springboard) in India. I have also been a graduate of Tim Draper's Draper University and dropped out of Young India Fellowship. In one of the recent personal initiatives, my marriage was covered by media all over the world (You can Google "Niti and Prashant wedding" B-))

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook :)

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