Request for financial support for SSKSS
Please fill out this form to request financial support for attending the SSKSS 2019.
At the end of the form you will find mandatory data protection questions, according to the GDPR regulations, to approve that you comply with the collection of your data.

Your request for financial support needs to be submitted at the same time as your application, and no later than February 10th.

You will be informed by mid-February, if your application is successful and we have accepted your request for financial support.

If you have any questions or experience any problems with submitting this form, please contact us at

The requests will only be granted to applicants that will be accepted to the program, so make sure your motivation is clearly visible in the application form.

We will provide financial support to applicants in a way to ensure a balanced participation in the SSKSS, taking care of gender, age, as well as country representation.

You may receive financial support covering partial or in some cases the full participation fee. The amount of financial support remains solely at our discretion and cannot be negotiated. To guarantee your participation we may ask you to pay in any case a minimal contribution.

Please be aware that Rhizome Association is a non-profit organization and that the available financial support depends on the financial support we receive from foundations and donors. We therefore kindly ask you to explore all other options available to you, to ensure our limited financial support remains available to those who really need it.

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