Gifted and Talented 3-6 Student Survey
Please select the response that best represents the extent that you agree with the statement.
What grade are you in?
1. Being in the gifted program helps to develop my higher level thinking skills.
2. Being in the gifted program helps me to develop my research skills.
3. Being in the gifted program helps to develop my communication skills.
4. Being in the gifted program helps to develop my creative thinking.
5. The gifted class work is challenging.
6. My teacher in the gifted program tries different ways to help us learn and understand new ideas.
7. Do you feel you have enough time allotted to work on projects/assignments?
8. Does being pulled out of the classroom for GT cause any problems for you? If so, what were they?
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9. What skills have you learned in your GT classroom that transfers to your regular classwork?
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10. Do you like being in the GT program? [ ]Yes [ ]No Please explain your answer.
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11. What was your favorite and least favorite activity in your GT class this year and why?
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12. How did the GT program offer you a challenging curriculum?
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13. How is GT class different from your regular classroom?
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14. Do you share any information that you learned from the GT class with others? [ ]Yes [ ]No With whom? ________________________________________________
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Any additional comments about GT can be made in the space below:
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