Volunteer Program Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with The Emory Clinic!

You are eligible for a recommendation letter, if you are in good standing with the Volunteer Program. Good standing can be defined as a volunteer with less than 2 unexcused absences within their first 4 months, consistently arrives to their shift on time, works their 3-4 hours/week, and has a great attitude while serving.

You are eligible to receive a recommendation letter after serving at least 36 hours as a volunteer.

The Volunteer Program Coordinator has the right to decide if you will receive a recommendation letter, or not.

Please fill out this form at least 3 weeks prior to your due date.


1. Name
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2. Email Address
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3. Please select the type of letter you are requesting
4. What is the due date for your letter?
5. Where would you like your letter sent to? (Please include the address, link to fill out the evaluation form, or link to submit the letter to)
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6. How many copies do you need of your recommendation letter? (Insert the number of letters you will need)
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7. Any additional comments or questions? Also, please send your resume, CV, and/or personal statement to emoryclinicvolunteers@emoryhealthcare.org.
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