Volunteer @ GCLF 2019
GCLF is a fun event, full of surprises, excitement, and merriment. Organizing and curating this event, however, is a completely different experience, and satisfying at a whole other level.

We, the organizers, look forward to meeting dynamic, committed, motivated, and fun-loving people who will help us make this event a success and also gain an ambit of skills in this process. We will interact with you and also train you for your responsibilities.

Why Volunteer?

Being a part of managing and organizing this event will give you an opportunity to gain real experience of: -

Leadership, Team-management, working in groups
Event management, utilizing space, creating schedules,
Interacting with artists and international authors, logistics management
Operations, troubleshooting and taking care of impromptu problems,
Communication Skills - how to talk to customers and delegates, Vendor management,
Branding and marketing


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If we like you, we will get in touch with you
There will be a short interview in person or over skype
The final shortlisted volunteers will be notified by us


Besides witnessing the festival, working with a helpful and experienced team, interacting with thousands of people and getting a chance to manage authors, storytellers, journalists, and theater personalities of international stature, you will also receive the following perks: -

An incentive of Rs 1000/- for each day of the festival
Food and beverages
Experience Certificate


Eager to learn
A good leader and a better follower
15 - 20 years of age

For more information about visit www.gclf.in

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