LAS Recruitment Leader Spring 2020 Application
Application Due February 14th
Represent the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Meet with prospective students and families
Participate in student panels
Lead campus tours
Get paid to share your UIC experience!

Friday, 2/21 and 2/28 from 2-4:30pm
Questions: E-mail Liz Ramirez at
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What activities and programs are you involved in as a student at UIC? Both academically and outside of class. *
What connections have you made with faculty and staff on campus? Please describe how UIC faculty and staff have supported your UIC experience. *
What types of UIC experiences have you been involved with to explore your academic interests and career goals? *
What is an area for improvement at UIC? *
How would you frame this improvement positively to a parent of a prospective UIC student? *
Do you have experience in the following areas? *
Please expand on one of your experiences and tell us why you would encourage students to participate in that experience? *
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Are you available the following dates to work as an LAS Recruitment Leader. Please check all dates and times available: *
If you would like to participate in any of the LAS Recruitment events listed above, but may not be available for the full time due to classes, please list what days/time you are available to participate.
Can you attend both required trainings 2/21 and 2/28 from 2-4:30pm? *
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