Survey 10 - Week 11: Reflections and survey
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What did you observe in your colleague's lessons/teaching this week that you might use in your own instruction? OR: if you did teach this week, what is one thing you might do differently next time?
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In some lessons, no matter how well you plan, you will run long or short. How can you plan ahead of time for this reality? That is: when there are 10 minutes left and you can't fit in what you planned (or have 10 minutes left over) what is going to help you use that end of the period effectively?
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Think back on the teaching practices we have been collecting evidence on. Of those, which ones are you finding hardest to incorporate into your own lessons?
Fostering a positive classroom environment
Using formative assessment
Facilitating productive discourse
Attending to issues of equity
Incorporating student assests
Differentiating instruction
Incorporating technology
Easy to incorporate
Not easy but doable
Challenging to incorporate
I can't figure out how to incorporate
Explain why those are difficult for you?
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After each class, we'll be asking you to self-assess your participation. Please self-assess on the scale below.
I struggled to stay focused, engaged and professional during class.
I remained focused, engaged and professional during class.
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