Chanute Gun and Archery Range
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I understand that if accepted as a member of the City of Chanute Gun and Archery Park I must attend an orientation meeting to wherein rules and regulation procedures for membership will be explained. I agree that I will abide by those rules described during the orientation meeting and subsequent rules made available through other means. I, in no way will commit any act that could jeopardize the reputation, standing or physical of the City of Chanute Gun and Archery Park. I am familiar with firearms and understand the dangers associated with their use and operation. With full knowledge of these dangers, I hereby release the City of Chanute Gun and Archery Park from any and all liabilities from me, my family, or my guests for death, personal injury, or property damage that may result while engaged in park activities and/or while we are on park property. The City of Chanute Gun and Archery Park does not discriminate and is open to all citizens of good repute. The information I have given above is truthful to the best of my knowledge and is given for the purpose of me being considered for membership into the City of Chanute Gun and Archery Park.          *BY TYPING MY NAME BELOW I ACKNOWLEDGE THIS IS A DIGITAL SIGNATURE* *
Consider ALL weapons loaded. NEVER point a weapon at anyone while on the range.
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Weapons are ALWAYS pointed downrange. Ensure that you do not endanger yourself or others while on the firing line by turning with a weapon in your hand.
Weapons will remain in holster or case when not at the firing line. Dry firing of any type is not permitted at the Firearms/Archery Park.
Every person on the firing line will wear eye and ear protection.
Load your weapon at the firing line only. Do not leave the firing line with a loaded weapon.
Fingers are to remain outside the trigger guard until the moment the shooter has decided to fire. If shooter is using a holster, keep finger out of trigger guard while drawing and holstering your weapon.
If a shooter has a weapon malfunction, keep the weapon pointed downrange and secure the weapon or make the weapon safe, Pay attention to the report of your weapon. If you expect that you have a light round do to an unusual report or lack of recoil, stop and check your weapon. You may have a "squib" round (bullet did not exit the muzzle). DO NOT attempt to fire another round to clear your barrel.
Weapons will be carried empty and with the action open (slide back or cylinder open) when not in the holster. Long guns will be carried with the barrel pointed to the ground and in front of you with the action open and the safety engaged. Weapons are not to be left unattended.
Never trust memory. Always assume that any weapon is loaded.
No intoxication substances or any kind or intoxicated people are allowed on the range.
Never step forward of the firing line until all shooters have completed there string of fire. All active shooters will communicate with one another before moving off the firing line to insure all shooters have completed their string of fire. Shooters will remain at their shooting station until all shooters have completed their string of fire. Do not move over to another shooter's station while the shooting is actively engaged in shooting.
Shoot only in the appropriate direction from the designated firing lines. Know your target and what is beyond. Make sure the area is clear. Never fire in a direction where there are people or any other potential for mishap. Think First. Shoot Second.
Police all brass, paper and other debris that accumulates on the range. Dispose of them in the containers provided.
The only approved targets will be paper or cardboard at the range. You must get approval from the Chanute-Police Department Range Master or the Chief of Police for any target other than paper or cardboard .50 cal rifles and full auto weapons will not be permitted at the range.
DO NOT climb on the berms or dig for lead at any time.
Children 12 years and older, must be actively engaged in range activity and are to be supervised and under the control of an adult 21 years or older at all times. No children under the age of 12 years old are permitted at the Firearms/Archery Park.
Handicap-One pistol shooting lane will be designated for handicap use. Any member or guest when not in use by a person requiring this station can use this station. A person requiring the handicap-station will have priority over all other shooters for that station.
Any person observing an unsafe condition on the firing line shall immediately call for firing to cease. Report all safety violation to the Chanute Police Department Range Master or the Chief of Police.
If an officer or emergency personnel is needed to respond to the Firearms/Archery Park, please call (620)431-5768 or 911.
Consider ALL weapons loaded. NEVER point a weapon at anyone while on the range.
Have your club membership ID with you at all times while at the range.
Range members are allowed to bring guests to the Firearms/Archery Park after the guests fill out an application and pay a $10 per person, per day guest fee. Gun range members are responsible for the actions of their guest. All guests will follow the range rules and instructions from the gun range member they are with.
Check downrange for other shooters or range personnel. Do not set up downrange or up range of other shooters.
Be prepared to share the range facilities with others. Be cooperative with others.
Red flag indicates an active range.
Do not place targets against the vertical posts at the target area.
Do Not use the Firearms/Archery Park if the farm ground around the range is being worked. The range will be available at a later time and safety is our #1 goal.
If the Chanute Police Department Range Master or any active police officer is at the range, they will have full authority over all areas of the range.
The Chanute Police Department will make every effort to work around daily shooting schedules however, the Chanute Police Department does retain all rights to the Firearms/Archery Park to be used as needed for training and practice.
Do not shoot from across the road. All shooters must stay within the shooting area at all times.
Do not place targets against the vertical posts at the target area.
Field tip or blunt tips only on the main target range (no broad head or hunting tip).
Field tips only on the 3-D range (no blunt, broad head or hunting tip).
On days set up for 3-D shoots, no activity will be permitted at the main range by firearms or archery shooters.
The 50-yard line is the maximum distance for all archery equipment at the main range.
All active shooters must shoot from the same yardage marker. Do not set up another shooting station in front of or behind the active shooting line. Wait until that line has finished shooting.
If others are at the range wanting to shoot, be courteous and limit your shooting time. Please let others use the range as well.
Police the area before you leave. Pick up any trash or waist and place it in the provided containers.
When using-the 3-D range, all shots must be taken from the top or highest point of the target area. The shooting area will be from the clearing in the center of the 3-D range, at the edge of the timber and shoot down in to the timber at the target. Each 3-D target will have its own shooting area so multiple shooters can use this area at the same time. The idea is that you or your group shoots one target and move on to the next so everyone gets a shot at all the targets.
Do Not use the Firearms/Archery Park if the farm ground around the range is being worked. The range will be available at a later time and safety is our #1 goal
My digital signature below acknowledges that I have been given a copy of the above rules. I have read and understand the above rules and agree to adhere to them. I understand that any violation of the above rules will be cause for removal from the range and lose of range privileges and membership. I understand that by typing my name below, I am using it as a real legally-binding signature. *
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