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I understand, like many of us have jobs, babies, big babies, bills, and life! My purpose is to serve you and ensure that you get the help you deserve. I DON'T WANT MONEY OR YOUR CURRENT FINANCES TO BE A BARRIER from you receiving THE SUPPORT THAT YOU NEED. Let me help you so you can start focusing on things that truly matter and that's you!

Are you ready to be a champion!??

Please fill out this form to receive a package discount!

The discount can be used in an installment plan and is offered should you need it. It can only be redeemed on one package at a time. I am offering this additional discount because I know how it feels to need help, but don't feel like you can mentally, physically, and financially receive help. This is you now taking ownership of every part of your life and I know this discount will help start take RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION. I DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE THE SCARCITY AROUND MONEY AND HOPELESSNESS ANYMORE. Let me help; do not hesitate to fill it out.

*Note - This discount form is available as needed and is not required.
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