CLICKing - Inbal Lori & Tim Orr

ViennaImprov proudly presents this dynamic duo March 22-26 2024: Tim Orr and Inbal Lori. Find a diverse selection of their workshops and choose wisely - CLICK the right buttons! There will be evening workshops on Friday, day-long workshops on the weekend and a 2-day duo-format intensive workshop Monday to Tuesday.

Discount: 10% when booking two workshops, 15% for three or more. If you cannot afford a workshop, but really want to join, please ask us for a reduced pricing in low income situations. Note that our responses are not automatic and will be a little delayed!

There will also be a show on Sunday, March 24th with Inbal&Tim, Jim Libby and Sophie Kozeluh(More info soon). On Tuesday, March 26th, they will do their signature duo show "Click!"

We also haven't fixed most of the venues yet, we will send you updates as soon as we have! 

UPDATE:  DUO is full, you will be put on the waiting list. W2 and W3 are also full, but with better chances!

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About Tim Orr

Tim has improvised since 1988 with many San Francisco and international groups, including BATS Improv, True Fiction Magazine, Awkward Dinner Party, and with the acclaimed troupe 3 For All.   In 2009, he founded Improv Playhouse of San Francisco.  Since 2015, he has toured Europe with Inbal Lori from Berlin performing their duo show Click.
Tim has also appeared in numerous plays in the San Francisco Bay Area, and received critical acclaim for his leading roles in the improvised feature films, Suckerfish and Security.   With Stephen Kearin, Tim co-wrote, and originated the role of Dirk Manly in, An Evening with Dirk & Blaine.  

Learn more about Tim here!

About Inbal Lori

Inbal Lori is returning to Vienna, she has taught noumerous workshops and played in shows, remembered best for the LoriLeesFest in 2022.

She has been writing and acting for television and theater since 2000 and has won prizes and scholarships. She started improvising in Tel Aviv with 3FALLING and ran an improvisation school. In 2015, she moved to Berlin and has since taught and performed all over the world. Her performances include her solo show "Fragments of Life", which she performed in Vienna in 2021

Learn more about Inbal on her website!

Let's have a look at the workshops!
Friday, March 22, 6 PM - 9PM (3h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 60 EUR  
Trainer: Inbal Lori
Level: open

What stories do we want to tell as women, about women? What kind of characters do we want to play and be? What is the full range of femininity we can offer on the impro stage? It is absurd and crazy to me that these are questions that we have to ask ourselves, but after years of being reduced to the mother, hooker, assistance roles it is up to all of us to try and expand this notion and to break this paradigm. This workshop is open to all genders.
Friday, March 22, 6 PM - 9PM (3h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 60 EUR  
Trainer: Tim Orr
Level: intermediate

Many improvisers find it challenging to end scenes when doing "open", unstructured short scenework. But in my experience, this kind of scenework is some of the most exciting work to do in improv. We'll look at some tools that, used individually and together, can lead to strong, satisfying endings, with focus on:  Escalating, Repeating, Finishing The Task, and Leaving.
Saturday,  March 23 10AM - 5 PM  (6h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 115 EUR
Trainer: Inbal Lori  
Level: Intermediate and advanced

This workshop will introduce you to some powerful, effective tools from different acting techniques which will boost your improvisation. With those tools you could create wonderful, dramatic, funny, honest moments on stage and learn how to “cash” them by playing them to the full, in a believable, honest and committed way. If you have been doing improvisation long enough and feel that now is time to sharpen your performance and acting skills- this workshop is for you, so you could bring to the stage powerfully played improvised moments. The workshop will introduce tools such as: Objective, Obstacle, Sub-text, Mizanscena and more. It fits perfectly in addition to the "Subtext" workshop to make it a weekend-intensive on acting tools.
Saturday, March 23 10AM - 5 PM  (6h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 115 EUR
Trainer: Tim Orr  
Level: open

It's thrilling to make choices that throw our characters into situations they're facing together:  prisoners escaping, bank robbers, revolutionaries!  How do we do this with commitment and variety, and with the ability to move forward in the scene/story with this lack of conflict between the players? Note:  This workshop includes ideas from Tim's workshop "Playing Characters Who Actually Like Each Other"
Workshop "SUBTEXT"
Sunday,  March 24 10AM - 5 PM  (6h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 115 EUR
Trainer: Inbal Lori  
Level: intermediate and advanced

This is a workshop about one of the most powerful tools of acting. We all use subtext without realising it all the time, but when we learn how to use this theatrical tool, it becomes the improviser's super power.
How do we say more with less? How do we make anything mean something? How do we find the heart of the scene and discover the story effortlessly by colouring our words with intention.
This workshop will explore how we talk, how we move, where we stand and how we make powerful choices in the moment. It will enhance your performance so you can follow, lead, react and discover with commitments and curiosity. It's a great extension of the "Acting for Improvisors" workshop to make it a weekend-intensive on acting tools.
Sunday,  March 24, 10AM - 5 PM  (6h)
Location: tba, Vienna
Cost: 115 EUR
Trainer: Tim Orr  
Level: intermediate and advanced

Transitions (sometimes called “edits” or “scene cuts”), both within and between scenes, are one of the truly magical aspects of improvisation.  In this class, we will look at the many ways that we can, as an ensemble, move from one part of scenes and stories into the next part, with the goal of making anything and everything possible. As with all space object and “where” work, the key is to take your time with what you’re doing,  and observe what your partners are doing.  Taking your time makes things easier to read and also expands your options.
Duo-Format Workshop "CLICK" 
Monday + Tuesday,  March 25-26, 10AM - 5 PM  (12h)
Location: Theater Delfin, 1020 Vienna
Cost: 210 EUR
Trainer: Inbal Lori & Tim Orr  
Level:  advanced

CLICK - short scenes inspired by photos. During this intensive, we'll explore the unique challenges and opportunities of two-person improv, which is made of short scenes. Each scene is a pick to a different world or reality, inspired by a photo you see for the first time, just before you start the scene.
Here are some things we'll work on:
  • Relationships: establishing details and emotion with clarity and energy.
  • Scene Starts: jumping into each scene's reality/locations with commitment
  • Variety: how to create a show with different rhythms, themes, time period, genres, locations and micro cosmos.
  • Characters: commitment, variety, playing both sexes, playing multiple characters, playing each others' characters, etc.
  • Formats: what kinds of inspirations can we get from the photos
  • Physicality: exploring the possibilities of movement between and within scenes
Possibility of a showcase on Tuesday evenening!

This workshop is ideal for Duos and we will prioritise them - if you sign up with your duo partner, you will get a 15% discount - please note in the comments section the name of your partner (both need to sign up). If you sign up single, you will be paired with someone in the workshop. This means we need to have an even number of participants, so you may not get immediate confirmation.  
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Note that our responses are not automatic and will be a little delayed!
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