Backpack Outreach - Help A Child In Need!
A Simple Expression Of Love...
Many of the children that we serve live in deep poverty, coming from families of migrant farm workers. Most do not have access to basic health care and dental care, and many have never been to a dentist - ever. All of the services at the clinics are at no cost. The backpacks have a needed hygiene kit, new socks, a toy, and a message of hope and love. Our heart is to express love to these children not only through the care they receive at a clinic, but also through a backpack for when they go back home!
Many families use torn plastic sheets that were used to cover crops to make their homes.
Here's How It Works

You can sponsor either on a one-time basis or monthly basis!

$35 / mo will support one backpack per month plus support a local clinic. (100% tax deductible)
Every month, another backpack is given out to another child in great need - providing an ongoing source of support and love!
All supplies will be bought from local stores in Mexico (i.e. San Quintin or El Fuerte) and packed by volunteers from the local church together with volunteers from the U.S.

* Note: There are no salaries at Mission Flight. Everyone is a loving volunteer, which means that no one is "being paid" out of your giving. 100% of your support goes to help those in need and the support of these trips. So you are not just giving a backpack to a child, you are also supporting a community in need.

Can I Donate A Backpack And Supplies Instead Of Sponsoring?
Yes, but we prefer that you sponsor one. Here's why...

Every backpack that we pack in the U.S. and take to an impoverished area actually hurts their struggling economy in the long run. Alternatively, every backpack that you sponsor enables us to purchase supplies in the local town, having a long-term economic boost to their economy. Additionally, it costs us $20 to bring the backpacks and supplies from the U.S. into Mexico in the form of an Import Tax and fuel.

With that said, it is indeed still very meaningful (for both kids and adults) to purchase supplies and backpacks and then turn them in. It is a very tangible way to help and serve those in need.

However, if you pack a backpack, please consider sponsoring one per month.

Here's the list of things to pack:

- Basic School Supplies
Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Simple Calculator, Lined Paper, Eraser, etc
- Hygiene Kit
Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Dental Floss, Comb, Shampoo, soap
- 2 new pairs of socks (must be new)
- Small Toy or Stuffed Animal
- A letter from you to the child
- For BOYS - attach a blue piece of yarn. For GIRLS - attach a pink piece of yarn to identify
- Pray over the backpack and the child and family

- $20 check inside each back pack for the cost of the import tax and to get the back packs to the clinics. (Payable to "Mission Flight" - 100% tax deductible

* Your backpack won't make it to a child in need with out this - Please don't forget this :)

* Note - We will also include a Booklet of Hope and Love in Spanish or the local dialect for each backpack!

DO NOT include:
- candy or chocolate or anything you can eat
- army toys or toy guns
- used clothing of any kind

To sponsor a Backpack, go to our secure giving page at
To sponsor the Backpack Outreach, go to our secure giving page at
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We fly volunteers to dental, eye, and medical clinics in the San Quintin valley, which has a population of over 200,000 people and is an agricultural valley located about 125 miles south of Ensenada. Many are migrant farm workers who live in deep poverty. 90% of the produce grown is for the U.S. market. Over 100 distinct languages are spoken in this area. We also fly volunteers to the LIGA medical clinic in El Fuerte, Sinaloa Mexico (on the mainland)
To sponsor a Backpack, go to our secure giving page at
To sponsor the Backpack Outreach, go to our secure giving page at
San Quintin Dental Clinic Build Video - Spring of 2017.
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