Liberty ES EOY Survey
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2. The counseling department was very helpful to me, my students/ my child, or my student's families/ my family. *
3. Provide some examples of how the counseling department helped you, your students/ your child / your families. *
4. The counseling department could have done more to help me, my student/ my child, or student's families/ my family. *
5. How could the counseling program have helped you, your students / your child, or their families/ your family more? *
6. What did you find the most helpful in the counseling department? *
7. What would you like to see started or enhanced by the counseling department? *
8. What would you like to see discontinued in the counseling program? *
9. What would you like to see more of in the counseling department? *
10. What other thoughts, recommendations and concerns do you have regarding the counseling program on your campus? *
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