The Show Must Go Online: Weekly Shakespeare Reading Group In Response To COVID-19
Created by Robert Myles. (PLEASE NOTE: If you fill this form in after 9am GMT on a Friday, you will not receive a casting invitation until the following week.)
A weekly Shakespeare reading group allowing those in the theatre world affected by closures to stay connected and creative.
Thank you for your interest in the online Shakespeare reading group. Once a week every week, we will read one of the 37 plays of Shakespeare in the order they were written. This will allow us to expand our appreciation of Shakespeare, and keep our classical text skills sharp. The hope is that it will also become a point of connection for people who share a passion for these plays, to discover (and entertain) one another.

Many thanks

Rob Myles
INCLUSIVITY STATEMENT: This project is committed to inclusion, and will not discriminate on the basis of any protected characteristic of the Equalities Act. Additionally, we aim to be inclusive of class, and experience. By signing up to this project, you confirm you are committed to upholding these same values. For details please visit:
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