Rich Mix 2024 @ Adelaide Fringe

Before you apply to Rich Mix 2024, we invite you to look through this application form. It delineates the conditions, roles and responsibilities of taking part, outlines what to anticipate and the eligibility criteria. 

Note that applications close at 6 pm (ACST) on Fri 24th November 2023.

All applicants will receive a response by early December 2023. 

Please see all other eligibility criteria and program information here. 

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Email *
Name of artist or lead individual of collective/organisation/company *
If you are applying as a company, please make sure that the person you give as the main contact is easy to contact and has a full understanding of the application and performance work. This person will be named on the contract and will be responsible for the financial details after the performance. 
How would you like to be referred to in marketing?
Please enter whichever name you would prefer to be referred to in marketing materials. 

If you are applying as an individual choreographer then you can enter this here, if you are applying on behalf of a company/collective, enter the company/collective name here. 

Address details of the above
Please tell us where you are currently based i.e., where your networks are, as well as your address, which we will need for the contract. 
Email address of key contact *
This may be different to the one which you fill out this form with. We may need to contact this person by email or phone while we are processing your application and afterwards during the season, so please make sure your contact details are correct. If they change at any point email us with your correct info so we can contact you. 
Phone number *
Which evening are you applying to present at? (Please tick one, two or all evenings) *

Please tick the dates for which your work is available. Each work will be presented on at least one evening in a black box, end-on-configuration as a mixed bill with other artists/companies. 

Everyone involved in the piece will need to be free the whole day/s to accommodate your technical rehearsals and performance. 

Ensure before submitting that you have checked the dates with your collaborators and performers, so they are available to perform in the work. 

Title of work *
Please indicate the title of your piece and note that this can be changed at a later stage. 

Please give a short description of the work. 

What is the actual idea you are exploring, what is the atmosphere, is it abstract or narrative? Is it contemporary, circus, hip hop, or a fusion of styles? We appreciate that you may not have yet made the work, but please try and explain what your initial concept for the piece is, and how you aim to create the piece from this initial concept. 400 words max. 
Biography of artist/or collective (up to 400 words) *

Please give the names of the company members, their role and where appropriate, their training. Please provide details of all people involved in the performance and making of the piece. Even if you are applying as an individual choreographer rather than a company, we ask that you add details for all performers as well, so we can assess the relevant artistic quality and experience of all involved. 

You can tell us about: 

▪ The training and experience of the artists. 

▪ Who they have worked with in the past. 

▪ Where they are based. 

If you are applying with a group choreography, then you must have considered all your performers when applying. 

How many performers in the work?  *
Length of work (minutes)

Please indicate how long you intend the piece to be, we will not consider any works shorter than 10 minutes or longer than 20 minutes. 

Again, this can be approximate as we know you might not have an exact length at this stage. 

Video of full work (if available)

We encourage all applicants to share strong video links to support your application. 

If the work has not yet been presented, please include a link to a previous development, or a showreel of previous work up to ten minutes of footage. Please ensure that this is an accessible link hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo (preferred), or is a Google Drive, Dropbox, or a non-expiring WeTransfer link. 

Please only show ideas relating to the work described in the application, or previous choreographic works which are similar in style, or show a clear progression. 

These can be stages of research and development or previously filmed staged pieces. These are to support your written description of the work. 

Do you have technical specifications already for the work? If so, please place a link to it here. Include as much detail as possible. 

Please be aware that the AC Arts Main Theatre is fitted with a standard dance lighting rig (stage wash, side light and some moving specials) and a basic theatre sound setup. You will have only 2 hours for technical setup and rehearsal before the show. This is non-negotiable. Shows with high technical requirements are encouraged to scale back their requirements in order to have the highest chance of inclusion in Rich Mix.  
If no technical specs are yet available, please explain your vision for the staging of your work (taking into account the information above). 
Please upload a link to a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) images of the work/your previous work. 
Please write a short statement of motivation as to why you would like to present work at Adelaide Fringe 2024 (optional)
Anything else? 
Are you applying for funding in order to make this work? Will you still be able to deliver the performance without funding? 

If you have any funding applications attached to the making of your work, please let us know, including when you expect to hear whether you have been successful. If selected, we are able to provide a letter of support or act as reference to funding applications. 

If successful do you agree to give permission for your email address to be shared with other artists/companies performing on your night/across the festival so that you can cross-promote? (required)


Financial Declaration


We are an unfunded organisation and do not receive support to produce Rich Mix. To cover our running costs, technical and venue hires, the theatre takes $2000 of the net box office income for each night. 

Any box office income which exceeds this amount is divided equally between the artists/companies who share the night. If the presenting artists/companies don’t sell enough tickets between them to cover this $2000 you must pay the theatre the remaining balance which is also divided equally between the other artists/companies who share the night. 

There are no upfront costs to present at Rich Mix. 

By ticking this box, you acknowledge that acceptance of these conditions is a condition of taking part in Rich Mix. 


Cancellation Declaration 

If you are accepted to Rich Mix, agree to take part but then decide to withdraw after 20 December 2023, you are liable to incur a cancellation fee of up to $500, which is to cover the costs incurred by the theatre for the performance evening. 

By ticking this box, you acknowledge these conditions. 

We are committed to making dance and performance accessible so if you have any learning or access needs, please let us know now so that we can support you through the Rich Mix process. This information will be confidential to the theatre team. 

If you would prefer not to share this information or would like to provide it in a different way, please leave this section blank. 
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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