Community-Based Research Survey
This survey is part of a research project commissioned by the University of Lincoln in the UK, which aims to identify university-community research partnerships across Europe. We believe that university-community partnerships have a vital role to play to support and strengthen civil society organisations and social justice agendas. This has gained greater urgency at present, as civil society, communities and active citizens have to cope with higher demands placed on them as a result of the economic crisis/ austerity, high unemployment and widespread cuts to public services.

We define community-based research as aiming to:

co-produce knowledge through collaborative research methodologies which recognises the expertise and knowledge of community partners, seek to gain community ownership of the research design, process and results
build communities' ability to undertake research and evaluations themselves, and to develop ‘research mindedness’
develop critical understanding of social issues, questioning dominant ideas about social disadvantage and other challenges. This can encourage community engagement in the social policy debate and help active citizens develop strategies for social change (Freire, 1970) within a democratic and social justice framework.

The survey below is the first step in this project and aims to:

1) Identify individuals working in universities and/or community organisations who are engaged in, or committed to, university-community partnerships. This will be followed by more in-depth case studies

2) Gather data with a view to developing joint Europe-wide research proposals, e.g. for the 2014 call for the EU Horizon 20 research programme.
3) Create an informal network of community-university partners in Europe to keep the momentum going and to engage with the global alliance GACER in the area of social sciences/social & community policy and related disciplines.

If you want to share your experiences in this area, please complete the questionnaire below. The questionnaire can be answered both by academic researchers and community researchers, or by civil society organisations with experience of research. Your answers will form part of our data collection for this scoping study.

Many thanks for your contribution.

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 Part 1. Identification
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Is your main role
Section a
a) If you are working in an academic institution, please state your university and department:
Do you already have community partners?
If yes, please give the names of the organisations (translated into English if necessary):
Section b
b) If you are working in a community organisation, please state its name
(translated into English if necessary)
Do you already have a university partner(s)?
If yes, please give the names of the academic partner(s):
How would you assess your level of experience of university-community research?
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Part  2. About your experience of university-community research
1. What type of research collaboration best describes your experience(s)
(Tick all that apply)
2. Does your experience include any of the following participative research methodologies:
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3. What would you describe as the main discipline(s) of your community-based research activities
4. Can you name one or more research topics (or project titles) of past community-based research projects
5. Did the research projects target any specific groups of people?
(Tick all that apply)
6. Methodologies involved in your community-based research projects
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7. How was your community-based research funded?
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8. What were the outcomes of your research project(s)
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9. Can we contact you again to  interested get more information on your community research activities for a case study?
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Part 3. Future joint university-community research partnership
10. Are you interested in working together on a European-wide research proposal involving university-community research?
(for a proposal in April 2014)
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Do you need help with finding community/university partners?
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11. Are there any research topics that would interest you/ that are particularly relevant to your work/ to your community partners?
Please describe briefly
12. Are you already a member of a network relevant to community-university research?
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Name the network(s) and, in (  ) whether they are Local (L), Regional (R ), National (N), European (EU) or international (I)
. Staying connected: Would you like to become part of a new informal, Europe-wide community-based research? If YES, what is your preferred way of keeping informed/ networked for the purposes of community-based research ?
(tick all that apply)
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