Leadership for Social Transformation
Lead in a way that inspires, invites participation, and builds commitment

Many of us in the social sector are struggling with how to handle the complexity that we face in our work. Effective leadership in these times is not about striving to control what is uncontrollable; rather, it is about creating the conditions for groups, teams, organizations, and communities to effectively and creatively cope with threats and leverage opportunities for greater social impact. Leadership for Social Change is grounded in the belief that today’s leaders must inspire and create conditions that enable others to be their best in the pursuit of shared goals. This includes making it easy for others to offer their unique perspectives and talents, speak up when they have problems, take initiative, make appropriate decisions, work with others, and share responsibility for the health of the team, organization, or community.

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change develops practical collaborative skills and tools for tapping the creativity, experience, and commitment of staff and colleagues and provides participants with a forum in which to explore their challenges and aspirations as leaders. At the heart of the workshop are powerful leadership practices that, when fully embraced, create the conditions for people to move together from vision to action in extraordinary new ways. You will leave with:

1. Practical frameworks, skills and tools to:

See systems by analyzing a situation from a systems perspective in order to leverage transformational change
Seek maximum appropriate involvement of key stakeholders in order to make well informed decisions and build commitment to successful implementation
Facilitate agreement across diverse perspectives in order to generate breakthrough decisions and actions
Focus on results, process, and relationship in order to ensure sustainable success
Discover shared meaning in order to build alignment for concerted action
Design meeting agendas that achieve high levels of results, process, and relationship satisfaction

2. An appreciation of how your interior condition (heartset and mindset) serves as a foundation for intentional leadership.

This opportunity is ideal for non-profit executives, program directors, community-based leaders, foundation officers, and change agents of all kinds.

The Course Fee is :

The Course is free for the Human Rights Activists and Change Makers.

Place of Course:

Melbourne, Australia.

What will Be Provided to Selected Candidates:

Meals and Teas
Course Material
Visa Invitation Letter
Excursion Tours of Melbourne

** All the applicants will have to pay $100 US as an Administration Fee there is no other fee for the selected candidates.

Hayat Foundation also has a three-day version of Leadership for Social Change that includes some additional content and can be offered to a group by special arrangement. Please contact us for more information! Kindly write us at the following email address to organize your payment of 100 USD .


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