LGBTQIA+ COVID-19 Community Survey: Impact to Healthcare and Wellness
Queering Medicine is gathering information about LGBTQIA+ needs in the Greater Lansing Area following the impact of COVID-19 upon healthcare, household, financial, and other basic needs. We believe that access to services should also be supportive and conscious of your identity-specific needs.

Please fill out the survey for us to gather information about the impact to our community amidst COVID-19. We will do our best to provide transparency on the needs listed in the survey based upon the results.

Note: All questions are OPTIONAL. Feel free to skip questions if it is not relevant to you.

HIT SUBMIT when finished at bottom of page.
What information, questions, and/or concerns do you have related to COVID-19 that QM may help clarify?
Are you facing additional issues due to the COVID-19 crisis that are affecting your well-being?
Have you had any difficulties meeting routine healthcare needs (i.e. regular doctor's appointments, prescription medications)
Clear selection
What type of healthcare needs are you having trouble accessing right now?
Clear selection
Since the COVID-19 restrictions, have you had any difficulties in getting hormone replacement therapy? If so, please describe how/why. (skip if not applicable)
Is your provider conducting appointments by telemedicine or web-based visits?
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Do you have access to technology that will allow you to use telemedicine or web-based visits (i.e. internet, computer, smartphone)
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What other questions/needs would you like to share with Queering Medicine?
Name (optional if you want follow up)
Preferred Method of Contact (optional if you want follow up)
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