Performance Team Information & Agreement
What is the Performance Team?
The PERFORMANCE TEAM PROGRAM at Hervey Bay Dance School is for dedicated dancers that want to excel their ability both on and off the stage. The PERFORMANCE TEAM PROGRAM gives students the ability to participate in a wide range of local & national competitions, gain industry contacts and work with leading choreographers from Australia and Overseas.

The PERFORMANCE TEAM PROGRAM allows students:-

* to focus on improving their confidence, stage presence, technical ability
*. make life long friendships through dance
*. to participate in a variety of classes to help them achieve their technical and performance goals including Stretch,
Strength & Conditions and routine classes for each age group
* the opportunity to represent the region at the Australia Dance Festival held in Sydney.
Entry Requirements
Entry to the PERFORMANCE TEAM PROGRAM is via Audition or Invitation ONLY. Students need to show a high level of technical ability, strong work ethic, dedication to themselves and their team, respect for their fellow dancers and teachers & the ability to take on and apply feedback given by staff.
Fees & Charges
All Classes are charged as per the standard class fees in the 2020 Dance School Prospectus Package.
Accounts for classes are charged per term with fees due by week 3 of each term.

All Dancers will be charged for an extra PERFORMANCE TEAM PROGRAM FEE each term which includes their Stretch & Strength/ Kick Turns & Leaps.

A $5 routine fee may apply for each routine students are in to cover eisteddfod entry cost.
Additional Competitor Pass fees set by the competition may also occur.

Extra Compulsory workshops will be billed separately.
*All fees & charges are listed in the 2020 Dance School Prospectus Package.
Performance Team Program students are expected to show 100% dedication and attendance at ALL classes, extra rehearsals and competitions/events (Draft events and dates listed below).

Any student that misses 3 or more classes without valid reason may be placed out of whole routines or section of routines. If your child is to miss a class for a valid reason (compulsory school event etc) they must give notice in writing emailed to the studio ASAP. All classes will be billed for regardless of the student's attendance.

Students MUST attend all competitions and events scheduled throughout the year. If a student misses a competition they will be taken out of the routine and may not be placed back in. Students that pull out of competitions may be liable to pay a $30 Comp withdrawal fee to cover the extra rehearsal to re-block the routine.

Your commitment to the Performance Team Program MUST be your priority. Whilst we do encourage students to attend extra curricular activities we do expect that ALL classes, rehearsals & competitions will be given priority.
Competition Season 2020 DRAFT
Evolution Dance Competition (Fraser Coast)- 21st-22nd March

Maryborough Eisteddfod- 18th-24th May

Future Stars (Fraser Coast)- 10th-12th July

Gold Coast Eisteddfod Trip (15's & Seniors) 15th-17th OR 22nd-24th August

Everybody Sing & Dance (Fraser Coast) 20th-22nd September

Australian Dance Festival Sydney Trip (12 Years & Over, more information released separately and who is involved) 23rd-28th September

Get The Beat Finals Sunshine Coast (please keep dates free just incase) 27th September-2nd October (TBA)

**Other Competitions may be added to our schedule as this is currently a draft.
**Please keep all dates free, actual days and times are released closer to the event.
**All students MUST attend required competitions. Any student blocked out of a completion may not be replaced back into the routines depending on time and availability. Charges may apply to students replace routines if students pull out of competitions.
Performance Team Uniform
All Performance Team Memebers are required to have a dance school uniform. Performance Team Members must have the HBDS uniform + Dance school jacket that can be ordered through the studio from Activated Industries.

This uniform will be worn at all competitions and may also be worn for events (additional HBDS T-Shirts & Crew Necks can be purchased online at any time and can be worn to eisteddfods and classes as well but does not replace the need for a dance school uniform and jacket).
Example Performance Team Uniform
Withdrawing From The Program
The Performance Team Program requires a 12 month commitment by all dancers. Any students that wishes to withdraw from the program must pay all Performance Team Program fees to the end of the year. Term fees are non-refundable unless sufficient evidence (ie: Medical Certificate) is supplied. Refunds due to injury or illness are at the discretion of Artistic Director & Program Director.
Social Media
We love to share all the exciting things and upcoming events with our Performance Team Families. There are a number of social media channels you can follow and be a part of to be connected to everything happening at HBDS & our Performance Teams.

There will be no Facebook Messanger Contact between parents, students or teachers regarding the dance school unless it is required at events for urgent contact. All communication to the dance school should come via email or phone to the studio number.

FACEBOOK (All information and upcoming events will be posted in our troupe group):
-Hervey Bay Dance School Public Page (
-Hervey Bay Dance School Parents & Students Group (Full Studio Group)
-HBDS Dance Troupe Group (Performance Team Group)

- @Herveybayds


Please ensure that all posts from students at competitions regarding the studio include the studio being tagged and the choreographer of the routine being included if uploading videos to social media.
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