No to Fingerprint Scanning for UCL Cleaners
We oppose the proposals by Sodexo to introduce a biometric Time Management System for cleaners employed at UCL. We believe that the use of this technology to increase the monitoring of these workers is excessive, discriminatory, and a violation of privacy.

Given the disproportionate number of BAME staff employed as cleaners on the UCL contract, this policy would have a larger impact on those groups than on white employees. We therefore believe that the introduction of this technology for cleaning staff and not others at UCL constitutes a form of structural racism.

Cleaning staff at UCL already face heavy monitoring from our supervisors, and the implementation of this system can only increase this scrutiny. If implemented, these proposals would likely breach the Biometric Institute’s 2017 Biometric Privacy Guidelines, as well as the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation.

They deserve to have their privacy protected, and to work in an environment free from discriminatory practices. As such, we implore Sodexo and UCL to put an immediate stop to the implementation of this system. Failure to do so will result in further action from from the workers, their union, and their supporters.

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