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We are excited to hear that you will be running a promotion around your product(s). To help us better plan for capacity and forecasting purposes, please provide the below information on your product promotion(s).

Note: Please read our terms & conditions below prior to submission!

1. If order volume is expected to be greater than 2 times the previous 30 day average and the Order count is greater than 100 Orders on a particular day, then 72 hour notice is required to maintain Services. Customer shall provide notice pursuant to the Large WRO early warning Google form set forth below. The following exception applies to this Volume Agreement:

2. If you do not provide 72 hour notice of an excel upload over 100 Orders, ShipBob will fulfill those Orders according to the below schedule:

Tier 1: 0-100 orders – fulfilled within 1 day
Tier 2: 100-249 orders – fulfilled within 2 days
Tier 3: 250-499 orders – fulfilled within 3 days
Tier 4: 500-749 orders – fulfilled within 4 days
Tier 5: 750-4,999 orders – fulfilled within 5 days
Tier 6: 5,000 and above – Shipment will depend on ShipBob’s AM and Operations and is subject to ShipBob’s discretion.

3. ShipBob will increase labor on hand to fulfill large Order drops same day. In the event these large Order drops do not occur, ShipBob will charge a fee to help recoup the costs of unnecessary additional labor. Clients may cancel a stated large order drop at no fee if they provide 48 hour written notice.In any event, the following additional charges for Services shall apply:

4. If at least 50% of stated order volume is placed, no charge.If under 50% of stated Order volume is placed, a charge of $1.25 per Order for all Orders from the stated volume to the realized volume will be assessed to recoup labor costs. (For example, if You stated You would place 200 Orders and only placed 50 Orders, You would be assessed a fee of $187.50 (150 Orders at $1.25 per Order).
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