The Dialogue Summer School (DSS2018)
Event Timing: July 20-21-22, 2018.
Event location: Korftlaan 6, 2616 LJ Delft, the Netherlands.
Contact me (Gideon) at or call/app me at +31 6 14 690 960.

The Foundation for Dialogue (previously: de Beweging) is proud to announce the Dialogue Summer School (DSS2018). This programme (see details below) will include an in-depth Deep Democracy training. Deep Democracy is a method practiced by many mediators, consultants, facilitators all over the world. It offers a wide variety of insights and techniques that can make you more aware of yourself and the other. It provides very hands-on communication techniques you can use in any social situation: your family, your relationship, your work, and of course your activities with Projekt Denkende Gesellschaft.

Deep Democracy believes conflict can be productive. Using these tools we will cover during the Summer School, every conflict becomes an opportunity to learn. One of the central ideas of Deep Democracy is that nothing should be left unspoken: whatever remains unsaid and repressed, will fester in the subconscious and pop up some other time. It is better to deal with conflict head-on. The DSS2018 can help you learn how to do just that!

It will be accessible for those who have not experienced any training yet, as well those who have already participated in one (or both) trainings in Berlin and in Bernburg.

We found an awesome location in Delft, the Netherlands. For the members of Projekt Denkende Gesellschaft expenses will be covered (including travel costs, lunch, training costs, & accomodation). I repeat: expenses will be covered! It's virtually FREE! We ask people to make a personal contribution of 30EUR for biergeld. ;)

Friday 20 July: 2.30p,-6pm. Introduction to the Practice of Deep Democracy. We'll give you some background and history, do one or two basic exercises, and cover the fundamentals of Deep Democracy.
Saturday 21 July: 9am-6pm. In-depth training in smaller groups. We'll split up in three smaller groups and go a bit more in-depth into communication techniques.
Sunday, 22 July: 9am-1pm. Finishing touches & reflection session. We'll teach you about a light-version of Deep Democracy you can use quickly and in all situations: Let's Talk. We'll also take time to reflect on the weekend.

Fill in your information below if you want to attend the Summer School! DEADLINE IS 25th of JUNE!
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